Self-awareness and understanding value are foundational to effective public speaking, leadership communication and presentation skills. On this foundation, our customized training is supported by 3 key pillars:

  • Reenforcing the fundamentals of public speaking
  • Accentuating strengths and mitigating weaknesses
  • Uncovering and developing their unique voice

These pillars reenforce the resolve to focus on tailoring our training according to each client’s unique needs. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. This is why ArtCom offerings take on a variety of forms, to ensure each client is catered to in the most effective way possible.

1 on 1 Training & Coaching

Depending on your goals and objectives, our 1 on 1 programs can either be a once off session or mid to long-term training and coaching. Mid to long-term clients have access to ArtCom organized workshops and ArtCom bootcamps at no extra cost.

Corporate Training

Each training is tailored to the need your staff, team leaders, department or executives need assistance with. From delivering feedback in weekly staff meetings to preparing for panel discussions or press conferences, ArtCom customizes your unique training experience that adheres to your timeline, budget and desired outcome.

Private Group Training

These groups sessions are designed to address the needs tertiary students and young professionals usually face. From how to speak at a job interview to developing the confidence to present at high-stake engagements.

ArtCom Bootcamps

This extremely unique program ensures participants get an intense public speaking workout that will yield lasting results. It effectively balances individual work, group work and live feedback. After running a pilot late in 2023, the highly engaging practical sessions have been requested time and we have decided to make it part of our operations.

Mic Drop (Youth Program)

MIC Drop exists to foster the early development of effective communication skills that will prove useful at all stages of life. Participants will develop their comprehension, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, ability to share ideas, self-confidence and more.